Western Victorian Climbing Club Privacy Policy 2020

The Privacy Act 1988 regulates the way individuals’ personal information is handled.


As an individual, the Privacy Act gives you greater control over the way that your personal information is handled.


The Privacy Act allows you to:


  • know why your personal information is being collected, how it will be used and who it will be disclosed to

  • have the option of not identifying yourself, or of using a pseudonym in certain circumstances

  • ask for access to your personal information (including your health information)

  • stop receiving unwanted direct marketing

  • ask for your personal information that is incorrect to be corrected

  • make a complaint about an organisation or agency the Privacy Act covers, if you think they’ve mishandled your personal information


Under this act “Australian Government agencies (and the Norfolk Island administration) and organisations with an annual turnover more than $3 million have responsibilities under the Privacy Act.” This organisation does not have turn over of $3 million however good faith and transparency WVCC will share with you why we collect certain information, how it is stored and who will have access to this information.

In accordance with Consumer Affairs Victoria’s Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, Model Rules for and Incorporated Association Part 3, Division 1 point 18 Register of Members, the WVCC is required to collect the following information:


a ) for each current member


(i) The member’s name

(ii) The address for notice last given by the member

(iii) The date of becoming a member

(iv) If the member is an associate member, a note to that effect;

(v) And any other information determined by the Committee; and


b) for each member, the date of ceasing to be a member.


Additional information deemed appropriate by the committee for collection includes:


1) Date of birth

  • To determine the level of access the member should have in accordance the club’s parental supervision rule of those under 16 years of age.

  • To be able to offer the member the correct admission fee.

  • To perform census on our members


2) Contact Information

  • In order to communicate any Club information 


3) Medical Information

  • In the event of the member suffering a medical episode or unable to communicate, the supervisor will need to convey your medical condition to any attending emergency personal.

  • In the event of the member suffering a medical episode or unable to communicate the supervisor need to know how best to look after you until appropriate medical personal arrives.


4) Emergency Contact

  • To be able to contact this person on your behalf in the event you are unable to communicate for yourself.


5) Members of your family that are WVCC Members

  • For the use of family membership payment


This information will be kept on file within the club’s computer system, except for your email address which will be stored in the club’s email account for club information only correspondence.


Who will have access and why?


  1. The President, Secretary and Membership Secretary (should this be a separate body) to all your information for either updating club records, sending communications, medical emergency or market research for City of Ballarat or a sporting federation of description as sometime requested.  (Market research: please note information turn over is limited to: Age group, sex, location by suburb or town, length of membership, participation level)

  2. Committee members will have access to private information for the purposes of acting in your best interest in a medical emergency or updating your membership status and our admission program.

  3. Supervisors will have access to private information for the purposes of acting in your best interest in a medical emergency or updating your membership status and our admission program. a. Admission Program information contains your name and membership status, date you attended, total admissions fee for attending and any outstanding administration.

  4. Consumer Affairs Victoria will be grated access to your personal information on request in accordance to any investigation query.

  5. Any party outside of the above mentioned will need to apply to the committee in writing any request to access your private information. Included in this request, who they are, the information they request and reason as to why they are requesting. Private citizens will not be considered for this request, however the WVCC Committee reserves the right to contact you on the party’s behalf or if a party is trying to access an individual’s personal information such as address or contact details. Only government organisations will be considered to have this level of access without a written request. I.e. Police


How will your information be collected?


Generally, your information will be collected at point of sign up with the club. In the event that information is lost, or we are unable to use the sign-up system, a committee member or supervisor will collect your information in person at the climbing location. Any person outside of these positions may not be requesting your information in good faith. Should you feel this is an inappropriate request you need to bring this to the committee’s attention as soon as possible. The committee will review the situation and act according.




You will be asked if you if you approve of your photograph being taken. Any photographs taken by committee or supervisors will be for the use of marketing, our club newsletter, Facebook, archives or any club related publishing.


You are completely in your right to refuse the of your photograph being taken or it being used in any formats. If you feel a person has inappropriately taken your photograph, please inform the WVCC as soon as possible. Should you need to act on your behalf, we will.


We must have parental consent to use any photograph of a person 18 years or younger.




Your Rights should you feel a breach has occurred:


1) Contact Us


If you think the WVCC has mishandled your personal information, you need to complain to us first. WVCC will take your complaint in person or over the phone, or if you prefer, in writing.


What to include in your complaint?


When you make the complaint, make sure you:

  • identify yourself

  • give any identification or reference number(s), if relevant

  • give a brief description of the matter and why you think the organisation or agency has mishandled your personal information (what happened, when it happened and any consequences)

  • let them know what you’d like them to do to resolve the matter


If put your complaint in writing also include:

  • a contact addresses

  • a contact phone number

  • the date (if you’re sending a letter)

Complaint template can be found at https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy/privacy-complaints/complain-to-an-organisation-or-agency/


2) Make your complaint to the Office of Australia Information Commission.



The Club’s Rights


In the event it is found any member has breached, misused or abused Private Information collected for club use, they will forgo their members immediately. The WVCC reserves the right to share the name of any person found in breach of this policy with other sporting groups/organisations.