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Welcome to Western Victoria Climbing Club Inc.

The WVCC was formed wayback in the early 1980s as a way for local climbers to get together and exchange information about our local area. After a few years, a guidebook was produced and the club built one of the first climbing walls in Australia. Today the club is still as strong as ever with a much improved indoor climbing wall, and regular basecamps for those wanting to get �real� in the outdoors.

The clubs main focus still remains firmly on the local climbers and their needs. We offer an extremely low membership fee and a committee that works passionately to maintain the WVCC�s hard won reputation as a friendly environment. One in which beginners can learn the art of safe climbing and established climbers will have little trouble finding new climbing partners and exploring new areas.

Feel free to come alone, join in and better still, get involved and help the WVCC continue to grow and adapt to the many changers taking place in climbing today.

All Members

All members will receive 6 issues of Bolder, our bi-monthly newsletter. Membership also entitles you to use the club wall at a discount rate.

More information on club membership can be found here

Base Camps

Base camps are held on the first full weekend of the month. All members are welcome to attend, although some locations may not be suitable for beginners. We visit a variety of areas allowing members to experience many types of climbing, usually with someone who has local knowledge. They are always friendly and Saturday night's tea is a very social affair.

Our Calendar has a list of activities that will be held by the W.V.C.C over the coming months. Everyone is welcome to attend and can be assured of a good time and plenty of climbing. We encourage car-pooling, as this is good for your pocket and also the environment, so let the contact person know of your intention to go. If you plan a climbing trip at any time, put it on the official trip calendar and you will have the benefit of club insurance coverage for that time listed.


Ongoing: Suggestions to Pat Butler who will be responsible for keeping the calendar full and up to date. Please help out by putting your name down as a contact or suggesting places of interest.

Contact Pat on
0428 345 440 or email wvcc.climbing at gmail.com


The committee meets on the dates listed in the Calendar unless otherwise notified. All members are welcome to attend committee meetings.